Daily Announcements
March 18, 2019
Congratulations to the following choir students who received an OUTSTANDING rating at District Solo & Ensemble on March 9th:
Adam Maher
Sadie Bettcher
Jake Grodeon
Elizabeth Webster
LeAnn Martin
and to the following students who received an EXEMPLORY rating:
Buffy Barrish
Matthew Cox
Alex Oncken
Jack Nichols
Parker Miller
Abby Doria
Alex Cauley
CC double quartert (Jake Grodeon, Kaleb Mylenbusch, Alex Brennecke, Alex Cauley, Cori Cullen, Lindsey Rendington, Lexi Gallagher & LeAnn Martin)
J & M double quartert (Conrad Powell, Matthew Cox, Parker Miller, Jack Nichols, Buffy Parrish, Sadie Bettcher, Elizabeth Webster, & Alex Oncken)
Congrats to the FZW Mock Trial in scoring 3rd in the Region and moving on to State:
Kara Luster
Ben Nelson
Audrey Bockhorst
Ella Brown
Megan Phillips
Marion Freund
Natalie Kedabough
Aubrey Wulfurt
Alexa McDonough
Ashley Brady
Geoffrey Collins
Isabella Dimicurio
Kate Boyd
Congratulations to the following students who received an OUTSTANDING rating at the District Solo & Ensemble on March 9th:
Tenor Saxophone Solo: William Kriete
Tuba Solo: Braden Cearley
Saxophone Quartet: Lillianna Matthews, Hali Gage, Michael Moresi, Michael Fernandez
Clarinet Quartet: Maison Burnis, Samuel Leung, Araya Shaw, Claire Schoene
Percussion Trio: Kavya Alagendran, Destiny Hayes, Sarah Jorens
Flute Quartet: Ella Bassman, Kassanddra Steger, Ellie Rigdon, Laura Goings
Saxophone Trio: David Hickman, Cameron Carter, Braden Purcell
Flute Solo: Kavya Alagendran
Trombone Solo: Tony Matthews
Flute Solo: Aubrey Wulfert
Bassoon Solo: Parker Miller
Flute Solo: Jamie Hammond
Trumpet Solo: Andrew Classen
Clarinet Solo: Rachel Johnson
Mixed Brass Quintet: Morgan Tracy, Johann Uhlmann, Haik Demirchian, Braden Cearley
Mixed Brass Quartet: Haik Demirchian, Mitul Pandya, Cooper Gibbs
Flute Solo: Alexandria Oncken
Keyboard Mallet Solo: Jalen Thompson
Flute Solo: Natasha Clemons
Trumpet Solo: Matthew Price
Clarinet Solo: Haley Edler
Keyboard Mallet Solo: Bryce Parker
Alto Saxophone Solo: Lillianna Matthews
Flute Solo: Haley Stamm
Flute Solo: Kathryn Wagner
Flute Solo: Laura Goings
Tenor Saxophone Solo: Michael Fernandez
Keyboard Mallet Solo: Bennett McCormick
Flute Solo: Ella Bassman
Mixed Brass Quartet: Allison Kain, Kiera Gonzales, Christina Guyre, Andrew Jaggi
Flute Solo: Ashlyn Taylor
Trumpet Solo: Mitul Pandya
Mixed Woodwind Quartet: Haley Edler, Emily Brown, Parker Miller, Alexandria Oncken
Saxophone Quartet: William Kriete, Everett Remstedt, Braden Purcell, Satya Sivasankar
Percussion Quartet: Jalen Thompson, Bryce Parker, Caleb  Barbero, Hannah Turek
Congratulations to the following students who received an EXEMPLARY rating and are STATE QUALIFIERS:
Saxophone Trio: Braden Purcell, Carter Cameron
Congratulations to the Fort Zumwalt West Silver Jaguar Brigade for their performance at the 40th Annual Dallas Mavericks Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Dallas, Texas. The band also participated in a press conference with the Mayor of Dallas. Their performance and the press conference were aired on Dallas News for 4 million viewers. The Band performed for a crowd of nearly 100,000 parade goers and represented not only their band and school, but also our community and state! Thank you for your continued excellence...Go Jaguars!