About Us

Fort Zumwalt West High School is one of four comprehensive high schools in the Fort Zumwalt School District located in O'Fallon, Missouri.  On June 3, 1997, construction crews broke ground on 46 acres on the western edge of the district's boundaries that would become the home to WHS at 1251 Turtle Creek Drive.  Construction costs were $21 million dollars for the building itself, with a budget of $1 million dollars for furnishings and supplies for the 696 students who would become WHS students when the building opened its doors for the first time September 8, 1998.  Mr. David Hoekel was the building's first principal.  With Mr. Hoekel, the building was staffed by two additional administrators, 58 certified staff, and 39 support staff.

WHS' initial building was constructed in three phases.  The first phase included 100,000 square feet of the three-story section of the building, including the building's lower level and small gym, and was home to 43 classrooms and offices.  In the spring of the 1998-99 school year, the second phase of the building was opened.  The second phase included the commons, library, balcony classrooms, main offices, art hallways, and large gym.  The third and final phase of the building's original construction plans was the addition of WHS' 734-seat auditorium.  After the completion of the initial building construction, WHS' building was 210,000 square feet.

The mid-2000's included significant growth to the area which also increased the population at WHS. Eight mobile classrooms were added to the Mexico Road parking lot, and a covered walkway (which still stands) was added for those students who had to walk to the mobile classrooms.  Soon, a building addition (an extension of the three-story portion of the building) added 21 more classrooms.

Enrollment continued to increase, however, and for a time, WHS was one of the five largest high schools in the state of Missouri with an enrollment of nearly 2,800.  Mobile classrooms (16 classrooms total) were moved from the front parking lot and placed near the football field and behind the three story section of the building.  Another addition which sits parallel to Mexico Road was completed, adding 14 more classrooms.  Two classrooms were also added to the lower level to accommodate growing Industrial Technology and Performing Arts needs, and multiple classrooms have been renovated in different areas of the building to accommodate the changing needs of WHS.

Today, WHS is home to approximately 1,900 students each school year, and the building space totals 280,025 square feet.  The building is staffed by more than 130 certified staff and approximately 84 support staff members.