For quick access to administrators and counselors, simply click the blue hyper link below.  To view all staff, use the Staff Directory at the bottom of this page.  To narrow a staff member search, simply type the name of the staff member or the department in which they work in the search bar. 

Mr. Berry
Mr. Neil Berry
Dr. Dreyer
Dr. Ed Dreyer

Assistant Principal (M-R) 
Mrs. Hull
Mrs. Jennifer Hull
Assistant Principal
Mr. Mincher
Mr. Chris Mincher
Assistant Principal (F-L)

Dr. Sutton
Dr. Samantha Sutton
Assistant Principal (A-E)
Mrs. Weiskopf
Mrs. Mandee Weiskopf
Assistant Principal (S-Z)
Mr. Nowack
Mr. Neil Nowack
Activities Coordinator
 Mrs. Baker
Mrs. Kelly Baker
Grades 9-11 Counselor (M-R)
Ms. Christopher
Ms. Vicki Christopher
Grades 9-11 Counselor (A-E)
Ms. Hunn
Ms. Katie Hunn
Grades 9-11 Counselor (S-Z) 
Mr. Towers
Mr. Chad Towers
Grades 9-11 Counselor (F-L)
Mrs. Hutson
Mrs. Jeanne Hutson
Senior Counselor (A-L)
 Mr. Smith
Mr. Stacey Smith
Senior  Counselor (M-Z)
Mrs. Tichy
Mrs. Melissa Tichy
Crisis Counselor